The Role and Responsibilities of a Fire Warden


A fire warden is a designated person within an organisation who is allocated certain responsibilities to help support the ongoing management of fire safety, by contributing to the safety of people in the event of a fire.

Their duties would normally be devised as a result of a work place fire risk assessment, and are generally split into two categories; ‘proactive’ and ‘reactive’.

Normally details of their specific duties would be recorded along with any information regarding training that they have undertaken in order to fulfil their role.

Proactive duties and responsibilities of a fire warden

A fire warden would carry out an ongoing assessment of any fire risks and hazards that they may come across in the work place, with a view to removing them or reporting them to the organisation’s management.

Such hazards could include things like; the build up of quantities of combustible waste in and around the building that could contribute to the risk of arson, and the incorrect use and storage of flammable liquids.

They would also help to ensure that sources of ignition are limited or controlled, by monitoring smoking in the work place, and checking that permits have been issued for any hot works taking place.

A fire warden would also need to monitor any fire protection measures and equipment present, as such, their duties could include;

  • Ensuring fire doors are in good condition, close properly, and are not being wedged or propped open
  • Ensuring fire fighting equipment is in place, tested, and in good condition
  • Ensuring that means of escape including corridors, landings and final exit doors are not obstructed, particularly with combustible waste.
  • Ensuring all doors required to provide emergency egress are clearly marked and operate as they should.

Reactive duties and responsibilities of a fire warden

A fire warden’s reactive duties would revolve around them being able to competently react to emergency situations. Procedures for emergency evacuation may vary between different organisations, and although the actions of the fire warden would normally be tailored towards their specific needs, there are certain actions that are universal.

A fire warden should know how to raise the alarm and call the emergency services, along with being familiar with the means of escape in the area in which they are responsible, and also be prepared and trained to safely use portable fire fighting equipment should the need arise.

It is also part of a fire warden’s duty to help ensure that evacuations are carried out in an orderly manner, during which they would normally conduct a quick but thorough sweep of their designated area, directing people to the nearest available exit and assembly point, whilst also assisting any disabled members of staff.

During their sweep, they would also attempt to isolate any heat generating equipment and close any widows that may have been left open, providing that it is safe to do so.

Once outside, a fire warden would report the situation in their area directly to the incident controller/ fire service, including details of any persons who have become trapped or who may not want to leave the building for whatever reason, and also take a roll call to ensure that everyone has been accounted for.

Once the fire brigade have ascertained that it is safe to return to the building, the warden would also assist staff members return to their posts.


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